An Exhibition of a Study on Knowledge at Forum Stadtpark, Graz

An Exhibition of a Study on Knowledge

Artists: Rossella Biscotti (IT) . Marjolijn Dijkman (NL) . Nikolaus Gansterer (AT) .Toril Johannessen (NO) . Pilvi Takala (FI) . Haegue Yang (KR) . Gernot Wieland(AT)

Curated by: Margit Neuhold (AT) and Fatos Ustek (TR/GB)

Forum Stadtpark Graz:

Opening: Friday, April 13, 2012. 7:00 pm

Duration: 14. 4. – 12. 5. 2012

Part of the festival: aktuelle Kunst in Graz: 4. – 6. 5. 2012

The knowledge society, designed for livelong learning, serves as foundation of the present capitalist order, cognitive capitalism, which foregrounds multiplicity evoked through cognitive work in knowledge economies. Here knowledge is not longer a tool but becomes the actual ‘product’. Such to a large extent interdisciplinary functioning economies involve a broad range of specialists: economists, computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians, geographers, chemists and physicists, as well as cognitivists, psychologists or sociologists. For the knowledge flows they generate, livelong learning, prescient education and communication are increasingly fundamental. Currently, we witness how education stratifies societies and plays an important role in the class struggles in schools and universities. Self-learning methods are becoming increasingly significant as precarious developments in the public education and fields knowledge-production have lead to privatization of knowledge as well as restricted access to education.