Dream Factory screening at Import Projects Berlin 4th of Feb



Start 6:30 pm
Screenings 7pm & 9pm

Michael Bell-Smith
Neil Beloufa
Guy Ben-Ner
Harun Farocki
Mark Leckey
The Otolith Group
Hito Steyerl
Pilvi Takala
Ryan Trecartin
Harm van den Dorpel
Andrew Norman Wilson
Yang Zhenzhong

Aily Nash & Andrew Norman Wilson

import projects
Keithstrasse 10 10787 Berlin


Marianne Flotron & Pilvi Takala at ar/ge kunst

Marianne Flotron (CH) - Pilvi Takala (FIN)
01.02. – 23.03.2013
ar/ge kunst

What kind of transformation is the world of work now undergoing on a global scale? And what is the relationship among the various models of flexibility and creative work? Has the end of the rigid Fordist model truly generated a freer, more dynamic and humane working environment, or has it only superficially altered its own methods to achieve production aims?

The exhibition approaches these complex topics by presenting the work of two artists who engage the subject with a particular degree of attention and profound analysis. Despite the diversity of their artistic approaches, Marianne Flotron (born in 1970, Switzerland) and Pilvi Takala (born in 1981, Finland) apply comparable modes of analysis, such as role-playing and the simulation of identity, to penetrate closed professional systems so as to analyse how they work. 

ar/ge kunst Galerie Museum
Museumstr. 29 via museo
39100 Bolzano


Prospects & Concepts during Art Rotterdam

Opening 6 februari 17.00 - 18.30 uur
Tijdens Art Rotterdam organiseert het Mondriaan Fonds een tentoonstelling met werk van de beeldend kunstenaars die in 2011 een financiële bijdrage ontvingen om een start te kunnen maken met hun carrière.
Call it a cat when it grins / Graphis N* 127
Lezing-performance door Rana Hamadeh
wo 6 februari om 18.30 uur

The Image After
Performatieve presentatie door Eva Olthof
wo 6 februari om 18.00 uur
vr 8 & za 9 februari om 20.00 uur

Locatie LantarenVenster, Otto Reuchlinweg 996, Rotterdam, (om de hoek van Art Rotterdam)
Open wo 6 februari 15.00 - 22.00 uur, do 7 t/m zo 10 februari 12.00 - 22.00 uur
Opening wo 6 februari 17.00 - 18.30 uur
Entree € 2 (incl. publicatie), bezoekers ART Rotterdam € 1

Deelnemende kunstenaars
Kristina Benjocki, Christoph Both-Asmus, Marie Ilse Bourlanges & Elena Khurtova, Susanne Bruynzeel, Jasper Coppes, Vincent Dams, Dina Danish, Pip Erken, Alex Farrar, Rana Hamadeh, Carl Johan Högberg, Lev Ilizirov, Joris Jansen, Tom Kok, Jenny Lindblom, Anaïs López, Eva Olthof, Daan Paans, Willem Popelier, Abe Rechterschot, Gordan Savičić, Rik Smits, Lieke Snellen, Elian Somers, Pilvi Takala, Carolien Teunisse, Simon van Til, Erin Tjin A Ton, Jochem van Tol, Martijn in 't Veld, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Coen Vunderink, Isabelle Wenzel, Mariken Wessels

Wim Waelput

Met dank aan TENT Rotterdam

Slight Chance at Bonniers Konsthall

Pilvi Takala

Slight Chance

January 17–March 31, 2013

Opening and artist talk: January 16, 6–8pm

Bonniers Konsthall

Torsgatan 19 

SE-113 90 Stockholm



Takala mainly works with video installations; her work can be described as interventions in everyday life. The exhibition Slight Change includes works where Takala explores social behaviors with humor and comic arbitrariness. By knowingly misinterpreting rules and social codes Takala’s work creates confusion, her careful agenda challenges the social conventions that are so easily taken for granted.

As the exhibition’s title reveals, Slight Chance will include works on the theme of chance. Takala often returns to the possibilities of winning, for instance in lotteries or in the game of poker, the exploration of our perceptions of chance is part of her artistic practice.


February 13 at 6pm

"Sites and Situations - Talking and Thinking With the Works of Pilvi Takala" Lecture with Mika Hannula, writer, curator and critic.

March 20 at 6pm

"Who is Pilvi Takala?" Talk by Jennifer Allen, editor Frieze Magazine d/e.

Workplace at Mead Gallery / Warwick Arts Centre


Wed 9 Jan - Sat 9 Mar 2013

Adel Abidin, Emily Jacir, João Onofre, Superflex, Pilvi Takala, John Wood and Paul Harrison

Mead Gallery
Warwick Arts Centre

From school to adulthood, we spend a huge amount of our lives in the workplace. In it, life-long friendships and romances are formed; it provides the arena in which power games and gender politics are played out at a macro and micro level; it is the setting for innovation and life-changing research as well as mind-numbing repetition and ennui.
This exhibition explores the workplace through contemporary art as a universal experience, one which cuts across political and geographical boundaries as well as distinctions between types of industry, including the production of art. Through film works selected from across the globe by leading artists of the international art world, this exhibition explores the frustration and alienation of a contemporary workforce removed from the true seats of power, but also the often humorous strategies for survival and expressions of individualism that prevail.