KNOX / ROSE / TAKALA at Transmission

Knox / Rose / Takala

30 October - 01 December 2012 O
pen Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Preview: 27 October 2012, 7pm

Transmission Gallery
28 King street
Glasgow G1 5QP

Transmission presents works by Una Knox, Pilvi Takala and Sarah Rose.  

The exhibition will include work with elements of film, print and audio. The works have been drawn together more by an attraction to individual practices rather than a defined articulation of interrelating themes. However, relationships and non-relationships between the distinct works and practices provide textures for exploration and interrogation. The works play off of each other, involving the viewer in gestural, abstract and embodied processes that negotiate our proximity to and the interrelationships of subjectivities, communities, and histories.
Una Knox’s video 4 ½ feet to the left, behind me presents the scene of a man walking through the interiors of a museum archive describing the experiences of a brain condition that results in him suffering from continual feelings of déjà vu and seizure.  The experience of his job as an image archivist is juxtaposed with descriptions of the spatial and temporal feelings of his condition, held out as lingering and concrete within the film.
In her work Players Pilvi Takala follows a small community of online poker players residing in a hotel in Bangkok, who organise themselves around the logic of the game that they make a living from. The element of chance becomes predictable when put in a continuous series of losses and wins, enabling an equal division of chores through card pulling and other simple zero sum games. 

Sarah Rose new video work explores a divergent picture puzzle set from within an abstract domestic setting. The video's central motif the Ideal game Mouse Trap is expanded to create a set of proposals for the alternative experience of physical laws.  The camera wanders between language, sculptural and digital media, in the form of capture and escape enjoying a technologically determined, psychologically experimental and detached reality.

Into the Real World

Tina Helen & Søren Thilo Funder, Waiting Panorama, 2011, video still

Into the Real World
4th Short Video Biennial -5 Minutes 2012 and 
solo exhibition Aside by Pilvi Takala
5 October – 26 October 2012
P74 Gallery, 
Trg Prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana

Curated by: Silke Opitz
Organised by: Polonca Lovšin
Friday 5 October at 7 p.m., discussion with Pilvi Takala and Silke Opitz, at 8 p.m., the opening.

For the fourth edition of the Short Video Biennial -5 Minutes we have collaborated with German art historian and curator Silke Opitz, who proposed the theme Into the Real World.

After reviewing the 39 video works that were submitted to the international open call in May and July 2012 the expert jury consisting of Silke Opitz, Jaka Železnikar, and Polonca Lovšin selected two works for presentation: the video Utopia by artist Wanja Kimani and the video Waiting Panorama by tandem Tina Helen and Søren Thilo Funder.
This year’s biennial is connected to the artworks of Finnish artist Pilvi Takala. Her video works and installations are presented in the accompanying solo exhibition Aside. The common characteristic of the video works in the biennial as well as those in the accompanying exhibition is the thin line between reality and fiction.

Hors les Murs / Fiac

Real Snow White at Hors les Murs in Fiac
Screening in Cinéphémére in Jardin des Tuileries on Tuesday 16th of October at 5 pm and on Thursday 18th of Octobet at 1pm

program here

Fiac Paris 18-21 October