Easy Rider in 24. Kasseler DokFest

Esasy Rider will be screened at Kassel Documentary Film and Video festival 14th of November at 20:00 in a screening called AN DEINER SEITE


Program overview Dokfest 2007

Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- & videofest

On Volatility

photography & new media
Welcome to the opening of the exhibition


Wednesday 3rd of October at 18:00

Curator: Oana Tanase

Employing distinct methodologies, the works made by the two artists are documenting through performance either filmad with a hidden camera or captured in drawing the hazardous dynamics of memory and the volatile comfort of daily life. Complicity becomes an effective weapon through which the critical space made up of displaced meanings is at the same time confronted and distilled with humor.

The Biennial of Young Artists, Tallinn


Consequences and Proposals
28.09 – 11.11.2007

Rüütelkonna building, Kiriku plats 1,
Tallinn, Estonia

Curators: Rael Artel, Anneli Porri

Participating artists: Akvile Anglickaite (Vilnius), Coolturistes (Vilnius), Nanna Debois Buhl (Copenhagen/New York), Evelina Deicmane and Theo Mercier (Berlin), Gintaras Didziapetris (Vilnius), Nathalie Djurberg (Berlin), Merike Estna (Tallinn/London), Elin Hansdottir (Reykjavík/Berlin), Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen (Helsinki), Emma Kihl (Stockholm), Karl Larsson (Stockholm), Juozas Laivys (Vilnius), Johanna Lecklin (Helsinki), Rudolfas Levulis (Vilnius), Barthol Lo Mejor (Tartu), Andreas Mangione and Hanna Dagerskog (Stockholm), Marge Monko (Tallinn), John Phillip Mäkinen (Helsinki), Tanja Muravskaja (Tallinn), Kristina Norman (Tallinn), Stas Polnarev (Moscow), Karol Radziszewski (Warsaw), Alexander Raevski (Chisinau), R.E.P. – Ksenia Gnilitskaya, Nikita Kadan, Janna Kadyrova, Lesia Khomenko, Vladimir Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechnaya (Kyev), Hans Rosenström (Helsinki), Pilvi Takala (Amsterdam/Helsinki), Sigrid Viir (Tallinn), Julia Wolff (Berlin).



1981 Helsinki. Lives in Helsinki and Amsterdam

The Announcer. Video, 6 min, 2007

Pilvi Takala is mostly working with site-specific issues. She designs a situation and then awaits what happens. Usually presented as video or slide installation, her work modestly tests the invisible boundaries in specific communities and environments.
For Consequences and Proposals, Pilvi has produced a new work, which takes place in Stockmann, a department store in Helsinki. We see an elderly lady pushing the limits of excellent customer service by repeatedly asking to announce messages for men she has seen around the store and would like to meet. She is putting herself in a position that is clearly pathetic and embarrassing, but at the same time powerful.


Pilvi Takala

Book Launch
Friday, 31.08.2007
6pm at BAS

BAS will host the launch of Pilvi Takala’s new book Bag Lady.
The book is based on a performance which took place in Arkaden shopping mall in Potsdamer Platz , Berlin , where the artist went shopping carrying a transparent plastic bag full of money for one week.

Please join us…

Bag Lady is supported by Frame and Alfred Kordelinin Säätiö

Meşrutiyet Caddesi No:90 A
Tünel Beyoğlu

Easy Rider Taiteidenyössä

Videoteoksia taiteiden yössä Helsingissä 24.8.2007

Kaartinkaupungissa nähdään videoteoksia taiteiden yössä seuraavilta AV-arkin jäsentaiteilijoilta:

Pirjetta Brander: Single Room
Eeva-Mari Haikala: What if you had a second chance with the one that got away?
Simo Rouhiainen: Whiteout
Maria Duncker: Spotter
Maria Duncker: Bloom
Pilvi Takala: Easy Rider

Saara Ekström: Elävät aakkoset
Hannu Karjalainen: Man in a Blue Shirt
Eeva-Mari Haikala: Tutkielma tuulesta
Helinä Hukkataival: Unelma

Helsingin Juhlaviikot

We Like it a Lot

We like it a lot

18 – 21 August 2007, daily 12 – 6 pm
Preview 17 August, 6 – 9 pm
Nettie Horn, 25b Vyner Street, London, E2 9DG, Tel: 0208 980 1568

Azorro / Tobias Collier / Matthew Coombes / Richard DeDomenici / Vito Drago / Juan Manuel Echavarría / Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez / Dirk Fleischmann / Beatrice Gibson & Jamie McCarthy / Adam James / Adrian Lee / Marko Mäetamm / Harold Offeh / Edward Oliver / Andrew Parker / Johnny Parry / Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts / Richard Sarson / Solmaz Shahbazi /Pilvi Takala / Charlie Tweed / Mark Wayman / Zorka Wollny & Anna Szwajgier

We like it a lot takes its title from a video by the Polish collective Azorro, in which the artists visit and comment on exhibitions in Warsaw. In each instance their experience of the art on show is indiscriminately summed up with this one inadequate but emphatic phrase. Under the banner of Azorro’s subversive slogan, the curators have selected works they like a lot by London-based and international artists, and brought them together for a weeklong exhibition with daily performances and screenings.

Friday 17 August, 6 - 9 pm: Preview with performance by Charlie Tweed
Saturday 18 August, 7 - 9 pm: Live music by Johnny Parry (Johnny Parry Trio), screenings by Azorro and Richard DeDomenici
Sunday 19 August, 7 - 9 pm: Performance by Mathew Sawyer & the Ghosts, screenings by Solmaz Shahbazi, Pilvi Takala, Harold Offeh and Edward Oliver
Monday 20 August, 7 - 9 pm: Screenings by Beatrice Gibson & Jamie McCarthy, Mark Wayman and Zorka Wollny & Anna Szwajgier

Ongoing performances by Adrian Lee, Adam James and Andrew Parker

Curated by Ellen Mara De Wachter, Ali MacGilp and Cassandra Needham

For further information, please contact Ali MacGilp, Tel: 07940583547 or visit the website www.nettiehorn.com

Miðbaugur og Kringla

Miðbaugur og Kringla is a collaboration project between 11 Nordic visual artists who are working with Iceland´s two most important and most used public spaces, the capital city centre and the oldest mall in the country, Kringlan. The works in the exhibition are in dialogue with its context and work with the social, political, and architectonic factors in the spaces. The group of artists has been working together for two years and last year took part in the show Hard Revolution at the Potsdamer Platz train station in Berlin.

Map of the show
Miðbaugur og Kringla Catalogue

Between Sharing and Caring, FaFa Gallery Helsinki

Pilvi Takala

Between Sharing and Caring

FaFa-Galleria, Lönnrotinkatu 35
Avoinna joka päivä klo 12-18

Avajaiset 6.6. klo 18-20

Näyttelyssä on esillä kaksi videoteosta. The Shining Shining sijoittuu tv-studiolle Istanbuliin, josta lähetetään suorana joka arkiaamu Turkin kotiäideille suunnattu kaksi ja puolituntinen ohjelma "Sabah Sabah Seda Sayan". Ohjelman juontaja, Seda Sayan on nähty TV:ssä jo 17 vuotta tarjoamassa viihdettä, apua ongelmiin ja mahdollisuutta yleisölle osallistua ja kertoa tarinansa. Suurin osa studioyleisöstä on naisia, jotka töissä käynnin sijaan heräävät aikaisin aamulla päästäkseen studioille seuraamaan ohjelmaa.
Videolla epätavanomainen ryhmä matkustaa studioille vakikävijöiden joukossa ja suoran lähetyksen aikana nähdään lavan sijasta yleisö. Taiteilijan kuvaaman materiaalin rinnalla nähdään TV-lähetyksen kuvaa.

Wallflower on Pärnun kylpylähotellien "Suomalaistansseihin" sijoittuva performanssiin perustuva kaksiosainen videoteos. Videoissa tanssien kylpylävieraita nuorempi ja näyttävämmin pukeutunut tyttö istuu seinäkukkasena, vaikka selvästi haluaisi tanssia. Vaikka tilanne on kaikille nolo, eivät tanssijat uskalla lähestyä tyttöä muutamaa poikkeusta lukuun ottamatta.

Lehdistökuvat osoitteessa:

käyttäjätunnus: pressi
salasana: guttenberg
Kansio: Lönnrotinkatu/Pilvi Takala

The Fifth Triennale of Finnish Art


12.5. - 10.6.2007
The Fifth Triennale of Finnish Art

For the Fifth Triennale of Finnish Art, the curator Luigi Fassi has gathered work by 13 artists which epitomise many of the key characteristics of Finnish contemporary art. A humanistic concern about the place of mankind in the world is a palpable presence in the work of all artists featured in the show. Mankind's relationship to nature and culture, encounters between people or between man and nature, the mediation and construction of experiences, empathy and the search for contact with other people, these are among the themes which unite the works in the show. According to Fassi, this indicates an art that has a powerful commitment to life and the present moment.

"An acute awareness of the transience of life and a fascination and wonderment at the profusion of detail in everyday life, these are among the key themes in the works. Another central aspect is the ability and courage to put one's privacy on display directly," Luigi Fassi describes. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from Bas Jan Ader's unfinished work In Search of the Miraculous (1973), where the artist sought for "miracles" of human existence and experience. The work would have consisted of three parts: a walk from dawn to sunset in Los Angeles, a travel diary of an ocean crossing, and a night-time walk through Amsterdam. The last two of these were never completed when the artist was lost at sea crossing the Atlantic in 1975.

The Fifth Triennale of Finnish Art focuses on photography, media art and video art. Many of the works are new and have never been exhibited before. Among the artists and works in the show are:

Pasi Autio (b. 1974), video work J&S, 2006-2007; Lauri Astala (b. 1958), As Though Time Was All Around, 2002; Petri Eskelinen (b. 1975), installation Maalla ja merellä (On Land and Sea), 2006; Maarit Hohteri (b. 1976), photographs; Antti Laitinen (b. 1975), Yritys halkaista meri (An Attempt to Cleave the Sea), 2006; Anni Leppälä (b. 1981), Garden, 2007; Petra Lindholm (b. 1973), No End, 2005; Sini Pelkki (b. 1978), photographs; Aurora Reinhard (b. 1975), Tiger Tom Singing, 2002-2006; Jani Ruscica (b. 1978), Batbox, 2007; Jari Silomäki (b. 1975), Sivustakatsojan henkilökohtaisia sotakertomuksia (Personal War Stories of an Outsider), 2007; Pilvi Takala (b. 1981), Seinäruusu (Wall Flower), 2006; Antti Tanttu (b. 1963), Mortui vivos docent, 2002.

Triennales of Finnish art are reviews of Finnish contemporary art produced by the Artists' Association of Finland. They have been organised in Finland and abroad since 1994. The Artists' Association of Finland organises the Young Artists' Exhibition, the Finnish Artists' Exhibition and the Triennale of Finnish Art in alternate years. Curator Luigi Fassi has been involved with Finnish art since 2006. Among his work this year is the exhibition of contemporary art from the Baltic region for the Prague Biennale opening in May.

The exhibition in the Kunsthalle is opened by Ms Paula Tuomikoski, Head of Cultural Export Division at the Ministry of Education.



Easy Rider winns 1st prize in Tampere Art Film Festival

Tampere Art Film Festival 8.-9.3.2007

Tampere Art Film Festivalin parhaaksi teokseksi valittiin Pilvi Takalan Easy Rider. Tuomariston mielestä se on hauska ja provokatiivinen, samalla kuitenkin esteettisesti mielenkiintoinen. Tuomariston oli myös hankala kuvitella idean toteutustapaa jonakin muuna kuin nimenomaan videotaideteoksena.

Teos palkittiin videokameralla ja levityssopimuksella. Tuomariston muodostivat Näyttämötaiteiden Satakunnan läänintaiteilija Hilkka Hyttinen, runoilija Bosse Hellsten ja kuvataiteilija Minna Suoniemi.

Tänä vuonna osallistuvia teoksia oli yli 150 kpl joista festivaaliohjelmistoon valittiin 28. Näiden lisäksi muutamia teoksia esitettiin Tampereen kaupungille sijoitetuista televisioista.

Tampere Art Film Festival 8.-9.3 klo 23
Elokuvateatteri Niagara, Kehräsaari
Liput: 4 €/pv 6€/2pv

The Bridge / Radikal Art

The Bridge by
Ahmet Öğüt & Pilvi Takala

location: Gayrettepe Esbank Genel Md. önü, Mecidiyeköy yönüMeclisi Mebusan Cad. Kabataş İskelesi önü,

Radikal ART