Pilvi Takala
Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in

Published by Hatje Cantz

Edited by Silke Opitz, texts by Rael Artel, Mika Hannula


2012. 208 pp., 292 color ills.

24.50 x 30.00 cm

pub. date: March 2012

ISBN 978-3-7757-3352-6

Pilvi Takala (*1981) deals with the constitutions and limits of social groups and communities. Her videos, books, and installations are based on interventions in (semi- public spaces and this first monograph documents most of her work since 2005. The design of the publication reflects Takala’s artistic strategies and the narrative nature of her work. Video works are illustrated with still sequences, and one of her early artist books is reproduced entirely. The book includes essays by Mika Hannula and Rael Artel, as well as an artist’s interview. It accompanies the first extensive solo exhibition of the artist, held at Kunsthalle Erfurt.

Exhibition schedule: Kunsthalle Erfurt, February 5–April 9, 2012