Bucharest Biennale

On Producing Possibilities
21 May – 25 July 2010

Opening/preview day: 20 May 2010


BB4 takes the ambiguity of the German term "Handlung" – that is impossible to translate in all its levels of meaning, but it is somehow located between action, activity, agency and participation, but at the same time it could also mean story or even narration – as a starting point to examine diverse practices, which are proposing various forms of action. BB4 attempts to scrutinize and to exhaust the promise – that might just be a supposition – of art taking place in the public sphere and is it thus creating possibilities for (political) action or does the artwork itself has already inherited this moment of action? Therefore, the exhibition rather tries to articulate questions and suggests different prospects than to formulate answers. BB4 will show artistic projects that deal with direct involvement in actions, participation and public space as well as community based art, but also works that are based on questioning, correcting and subverting history and historiography form, among others, a central point. The biennial aims to intensify the interaction with the urban and political context in Bucharest by inviting participants from different fields.


Felix Vogel (b. 1987) is researcher and curator. Studies in art history, media theory, philosophy and aesthetics at HfG Karlsruhe and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His research and curatorial practice is focused on the relations between aesthetics and the social sphere. Consequently, he is interested in areas linked to activism, gender, historical avant-gardes as well as participative architecture. In 2008 he edited two books for One Star Press (Paris): "Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil: Fin de représentation" and "Lia Perjovschi: Sense." and has written for different magazines, among others PAVILION, Cura, Displayer and AFI. Felix Vogel gave lectures in institutions such as Index (Stockholm), Evento (Bordeaux) and PAVILION UNICREDIT (Bucharest). He taught workshops and seminars at HEAD Geneva, Free Academy Bucharest and 1.Curatorial Symposium Sofia/Plovdiv. 
Felix Vogel lives and works in Berlin.

The curator of BB4 has selected 37 participants/artists from 19 countries, who will show works produced between 1935 and 2010 and some of them specially for BUCHAREST BIENNALE.

Magnus Bärtås (SE)
Martin Beck (AT)
Kalle Brolin (SE)
Pablo Bronstein (AR/UK)
Kaucyila Brooke (US/AT)
Cabello/Carceller (ES)
Elena Ciobanu (RO)
Stefan Constantinescu (RO/SE)
Claudia Cristóvaõ (AO/NL)
Angela Ferreira (MZ/PT)
Field Work / Nis Rømer & Lise Skou (DK)
Zachary Formwalt (US/NL)
Andrea Geyer (DE/US)
Charlotte Ginsborg (UK)
Goldin+Senneby (SE)
Ion Grigorescu (RO)
Sabrina Gschwandtner (AT/US)
Nicoline van Harskamp (NL)
Marcel Iancu (RO)
Maryam Jafri (PK/DK)
Alexander Kluge (DE)
Christine Meisner (DE)
Asier Mendizabal (ES)
Stina Östberg (SE)
Olivia Plender (UK) & Unnar Örn (IS)
Emily Roysdon (US)
Fia-Stina Sandlund (SE)
Lina Selander (SE)
Société Réaliste (FR/HU)
Åsa Sonjasdotter (NO)
Pilvi Takala (FI/NL)
The Otolith Group (UK)
Fereshteh Toosi (IR)
Lan Tuazon (PH)
Florin Tudor & Mona Vatamanu (RO)
Judi Werthein (AR)


Nordic Art Triennial

Nordic Art Triennieal
Eskilstuna Art Museum
8 May - 15 August

Artists: Nanna Debois Buhl (DK), Kevin Lytsen & Jonas Smedegaard
Buus (DK), Emil Westman Hertz (DK), Sofie Hesselholdt & Vibeke Mejlvang (DK), Jette
Hye Jin Mortensen (DK), Amel Ibrahimovic (DK), IC-98 (FI), Matti Kujasalo (FI), Santeri
Tuori (FI), Elina Merenmies (FI), Miikka Vaskola (FI), Pilvi Takala (FI), Lotte Konow Lund
(NO), Morten Viskum (NO), Gunnar H. Gundersen (NO), Sverre Bjertnes (NO), Per Barclay
(NO), Per Inge Bjørlo (NO), Ásmundur Ásmundsson (IS), Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir (IS), Huginn
Þór Arason (IS), Annika Ström (SE), Tilda Lovell (SE), Erik Jeor (SE), Patrik Aarnivaara (SE),
Tamar Guimarães(SE), Carl Hammoud (SE)
Curators: Inger Marie Hahn Møller (DK), Katherine Bolt Rasmussen (DK), Ilona Anhava (FI), Kari Immonen (FI),
Michael O’Donnell (NO), Ina Johannesen (NO), Ólafur Gíslason (IS), Göran Christenson (SE), Elena Tzotzi (SE)

Friday, May, 7, 10.00-16.00

Contemporary Nordic – a seminar on contemporary Nordic art.
See programme here

Saturday, May, 8, 12.00-16.00

Opening ceremony

Welcome speech by Eva Königsson, Head of Cultural and Leisure Administration, EskilstunaMunicipality

Opening speech by Mona Kanaan, Chairman of Cultural and Leisure Committee,EskilstunaMunicipality

Music by JP and Harri Mänty.

Portgatan 2, Munktellstaden
SE-633 42 Eskilstuna
016-710 13 69