opening: October 22nd, 5pm
Nordic Contemporary Art Space
14 rue Château d’Eau
75010 Paris

The artist/curator Andreas Emenius & Jacob Valdemar introduces with NORDIC CONTEMPORARY the exhibition ‘THIS STICKY MESS WILL GET US THERE’, showing seven contemporary Scandinavian and Nordic artists presenting new interpretations of paintings, sculptures, drawings and video.

Being ‘messy’ is usually connected with a negative association, since the concept of order has overtaken our society: things should be clear, and organized. There’s angst for things imperfect, things that appear out of focus, so we keep polishing all the edges, in the name of progress. The exhibition is a celebration of the unpolished, of the work itself but also the act of working. The titles reference ‘sticky mess’ as being something dystopian, while ‘‘get us there’ stands for an almost metaphysical belief that things will be all right. Or as Vivienne Westwood once said, ‘cash for chaos’. Many of the exhibited work have a sense of desperation, yet there are elements of beauty, order and control.

They are pointing back at the work itself, rather than a certain discourse, simultaneously driving towards a freedom and subjectivity, with an instinctive, existential trust in the material.The exhibition attempts to break down hierarchies. High culture meets low culture, polished meets raw, natural meets clinical in an eclectic brew that aims to clash more than to harmonize; yet somehow linked through the artists view, set against the backdrop of the dark Nordic cultural history at its meeting point with the modern urban being. The opening is activated by a live performance that further interacts with the artworks and the space itself creating an experience where all connections are made visible as a whole.

Supported by
Nordisk Kulturfonden

Artists: Viktor Rosdahl, Peter Bonde, Jim Thorell, Ditte Ejlerskov, Jan S Hansen, Andreas Emenius, Rauha Mäkilä, Tuomo Rainio, Pilvi Takala

curated by: Andreas Emenius & Jacob Valdemar