When I Give, I Give Myself at Van Gogh Museum

When I Give, I Give Myself
May 19, 2015 - January 17, 2016
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

An exhibition featuring 20 new works of art by contemporary Dutch and international artists. Created in response to a Vincent van Gogh letter specifically selected for each artist, these artworks reflect on issues that were important to Van Gogh and that also resonate in the current artists’lives. The work of art enter into dialogue with Van Gogh’s work and as such, will be presented in the context of his paintings. The intriguing exhibition will show how, 125 years after his death, Vincent van Gogh is still inspiring the next generations of artists. Henk Schut from the Artery Foundation initiated When I give, I give Myself and is guest curator of the exhibition.

Eylem Aladogan, Maria Barnas, Michaƫl Borremans, Hafid Bouazza, Constant Dullaart, Jan Fabre, Alicia Framis, Ryan Gander, Arnon Grunberg, Christian Jankowski, Anish Kapoor, Job Koelewij, Nicole Krauss, Yayoi Kusama, Gabriel Lester, Navid Nuur, Rory Pilgrim, Cheng Ran, Viviane Sassen, Pilvi Takala & Siri Baggerman, Simon van Til, Diego Tonus, Wouter Venema.