The Laws of Imitation in KIK Kolderveen

Exhibition with Constant Dullaart, Floor Meijers, Malcolm Kratz, Pilvi Takala, Semâ Bekirovic and Sharon Houkema,

5 t /m in October 26 KIK Kolderveen.
Opening October 5 at 14:00 
For more information on this and other activities in the framework of Sharon Houkema’s KIK-AIR project

To a large extent the Dutch landscape serves a recreational function. Also production landscapes are staged. The origin of the word ‘recreation’ in the current interpretation of ‘leisure’, is found in Latin ‘Recreatio’ where it meant something like: recovery from illness, revitalize, remake. What could it mean in a time when the distinction between creation and recreation is frequently only artificially maintained?

Open vrijdag en zondag 13:00-17:00 en op afspraak.
Stichting KiK 
Kolderveen 26 / 26a
7948 NJ Nijeveen