Aspect Magazine, A Good Place to Stop

Including Real Snow White with commentary By Theodor Ringborg!

After ten years and hundreds of published works, ASPECT has decided to cease publication. Good gamblers and good artists both possess the same important skill: knowing when to walk away. The ending may be artificial, such as a time limit, or it could be external, as in the case of an authority figure, but the time comes when we must put our pencils down. We may never be done, but we can find “A good place to stop.”


Jonathan Gitelson
The Quitter
with commentary by Dina Deitsch

Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin
The Johnny Cash Project
with commentary by Ute Meta Bauer

Larson & Shindelman
Shift Change
with commentary by Rachel Somerstein

Carolyn Shadid Lewis
From Twilight 'til Dawn
with commentary by Mary Anderson

Bogdan Perzynski
Dead End
with commentary by Martin Patrick

Alicia Eggert and Alexander Reben
Pulse Machine
with commentary by Daniel Fuller

Pilvi Takala
Real Snow White
with commentary by Theodor Ringborg

Kayo Nakamura and JR Uretsky
No Junk
with commentary by John Bell