GOOD LIFE / 53rd October Salon

physical narratives and spatial imaginations
—the 53rd october salon

Belgrade, September 22 – November 4, 2012
The former building of the Geodetic Institute, Karađorđeva 48, Belgrade

Curators: Branislav Dimitrijević and Mika Hannula

Participants: Vladimir Arsenijević / Mladen Bizumić / Vladan Caričić i Slobodan D. Pešić / Branislav Dimitrijević / Andrej Dolinka / Biljana Đurđević / Mirjana Đurđević / Expodium (Bart Witte & Nikos Doulos) / Mika Hannula / Annika von Hausswolff / Vlatka Horvat / Ana Hušman / Villu Jaanisoo / Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin / Anssi Kasitonni / Karsten Konrad / Jukka Korkeila / Wolfgang Krause & Silvia Lorenz / Ana Krstić / Svebor Midžić / Vladimir Miladinović /Nebojša Milikić / Ahmet Ög ̆üt / Branislava Stefanović / Mladen Stilinović / Dubravka Sekulić / Dubravka Stojanović / Samuil Stoyanov / Annika Ström / Pilvi Takala /
Berit Talpsepp / Raša Todosijević / Miloš Tomić / Sreten Ugričić / XYZ (Matei Gavula & Milan Tittel) / Aleksandar Zograf / Marko Živkovic

Artists of the No at Curated by_Vienna 2012

Artists of the No

With: Nina Beier & Marie Lund, David Raymond Conroy, Dora Garía, Ryan Gander, David Sherry, and Pilvi Takala

20 September - 28 October 2012
Opening: 20 September 2012, 6 - 10 pm

Projektraum Viktor Bucher | Praterstrasse 13/1/2 | Vienna | Austria

In a society characterised by an imperative to perform, to be productive, to take part in a time-pressured culture of high performance, artists are more than ever pressured to work and conform to the demands of professional activity. This is not the only way. In other, more questionable words, is this the way we really want to work? How do artists manage the imbalance between work and life? Are there creative possibilities in refusal, passivity, procrastination and idleness? [continue reading]

Curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk

Artists of the No is conceived within the context of Curated by_Vienna 2012.

Projectraum Viktor Bucher

Real Snow White in Copenhagen Art Festival / ILOVIT by Jeppe Hein

Breaching Experiments at SITE gallery Sheffield

Breaching Experiments
Pilvi Takala

14 September – 10 November 2012

Preview Thursday 13 September 6 – 8pm
Performance 3 November 2012

Over the past decade, Finnish artist Pilvi Takala has developed a critical body of singular performance pieces, unpicking those conventions created within micro-social environments.

Breaching Experiments brings together several of Takala’s recent film based works as well as two performances to take place during the exhibition.  Her films are often filmed covertly, capturing and observing or in some cases re-enacting seemingly bizarre social situations. Awkward, provoking, uncompromising and at times unbearably embarrassing, Takala exposes the unspoken rules of society and draws intrinsic conditions to the surface.

Site Gallery
1 Brown Street
S1 2BS

Opening times
Gallery, Shop & Offices
Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5.30pm
Admission is free

Disappearing Act at Galerie Diana Stigter

Pilvi Takala /
Disappearing Act
Featuring Siri Baggerman

Backspace: Antonio Vega Macotela

8.9. - 13.10.2012

Opening on Saturday 8 September 17:00 -19:00 h

Galerie Diana Stigter
Elandsstraat 90
1016 Amsterdam NL

Wed-Fri 11-18 h
Sat 13-18 h

Survival Kit 4, Riga, Latvia

From September 6th to 16th the annual international contemporary art festival Survival Kit will take place in Riga, Latvia. The focus of SURVIVAL KIT 2012, a tradition which began in 2009 as a reaction to the changes brought by the global economic crisis, is downshifting or “the escape from the rat’s race”. The concept encourages people to take a critical look at the habitual consuming standards and the traditional perception of success; moreover, it emphasizes the need to balance time for work and leisure, as well as to focus on personal fulfillment.