Songs of Freedom and Love, Platform, Istanbul

Songs of Freedom and Love – Contemporary Art from the North of the North
Platform, Garanti Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul
17 March – 22 April, 2006

Songs of Freedom and Love – Contemporary Art from the North of the North is an exhibition presenting works by ten artists of the younger generation who are working in Finland. The exhibition explores the ways and means of how we live together, how we form, shape and maintain our relationships to ourselves, our surroundings and others who occupy the same contexts we are in. It is about the idea of sharing, about being-with, and about the growing awareness and self-reflection of not being alone.

The exhibition brings together a group of artists, who each individually stand up for themselves and the themes they are confronting and obsessed with, not representing any kind of collective identity. It is a selection of interpretations on how to be and live together in a reality that is complex, pluralistic and confused. The aim of the exhibition is to construct a frame for a wide variety of sensations and sensibilities that are not insular and exclusive, but inclusive and open.

The participating artists are Panos Balomenos, Anna Tuori, Kati Immonen, Mauri Kuitula, Aurora Reinhard, Joonas Kota, Minna L. Henriksson, Henri Tani, Pilvi Takala, and Tuomas Laitinen. The exhibtion is curated by Mika Hannula and Minna L. Henriksson

Talk is cheap-Mika Hannula&Minna Henriksson